Till förmån för Bröscancerförbundet


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Every year, around 8,000 women and 60 men in Sweden are diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the introduction of the Swedish mammography program, the prognosis for breast cancer has improved considerably and many are cured.

 With the vision that no one should be affected by breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Association conducts fundraising and finances patient-centered breast cancer research, provides support and rehabilitation to victims and drives opinion on breast cancer issues.

81% of all donated funds goes directly to the vision zero.



A Cuddling, in the form of a pink heart

The product will be sold or handed out by our partners and 10kr per distributed pink soft heart will go directly to @brostcancerforbundet to continue the road toward the vision zero.

A soft little sticker with a message of the importance of self-examination will travel from hand to hand. Sitting on your phone it will leave a soft reminder and a message of love each time it is touched.


Business partners and Influencers

Business partners and Influencers have all an important role in spreading information to our households. Each project is supported by a variety of partners.

We are a proud partner with amazing influencers that make a huge difference by talking about what is truly important.

Business partners donate and sell or give the product in their channels, opening up the opportunity fo maximal donation and spreading the information to every eye, ear and heart.

We are looking for partners - Join us today for a variety of ways to be the change!