Why show it with a Cuddling?

This brilliant little soft sticker can make a big difference, not only for the user, but also for your company and organisation to spread your memorandum from hand to hand.

Why Show it with a Cuddling?

Today we touch our phones more than other things, a Cuddling on the back of your phone is a great little reminder that you are seen and loved. The soft touch is soothing and distracting when you are lonely, sad, hurt, angry or afraid.

Touch is thought to be the first sense that humans develop, according to the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Touch consists of several distinct sensations communicated to the brain through specialised neurons in the skin. Pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, pain and other sensations are all part of the touch sense and are all attributed to different receptors in the skin.

Touch isn't just a sense used to interact with the world; it also seems to be very important to a human's well-being. For example, touch has been found to convey compassion from one human to another.

A Cuddling is a hug that you might not be able to give, a way to say "I see you", "I love you", "I care" etc. A wordless communication between people and a door opener to healthy dialog.