Till förmån för Stiftelsen Friends


Friends is an organisation that provides adults with research-based tools to prevent bullying among children and young people.

A Zero tolerance is the goal and Friends want to create a society without bullying, where every child feels loved and respected. Where nobody goes to sleep feeling sad, wakes up feeling anxious and leaves for school with a sinking feeling in their stomach. 

Where self-esteem wins out over self-hate. Children need our support, and we need yours. Together we can stop bullying!


Partners and Influencers

Business partners and Influencers have all an important role in spreading information to our households. Each project is supported by a variety of partners.

We are a proud partner with amazing influencers that make a huge difference by talking about what is truly important.

Business partners donate and sell or give the product in their channels, opening up the opportunity fo maximal donation and spreading the information to every eye, ear and heart.

We are looking for partners - Join us today for a variety or ways to be the change!